Looking to install EV Charger at home? We are ST Certified & authorized EV charger installers for Tesla, BYD, Porsche, BMW, MG, Chery & more.

Who To Install Home EV Chargers?

EV Connection members posing for the cameras after becoming the first Malaysian company to successfully deploy Tesla Superchargers in a jaw dropping short timeframe of 2 weeks. They are also an authorized installer for Tesla home EV chargers.  

Why Install At Home?

If you own an Electric Vehicle (EV) in Malaysia, chances are you would have been given a free homecharger when purchasing your car. Even if you do not, you would very likely want to purchase one so you can charge your car at home. The main reason for charging at home is because this is where your car will spend most of the time at (think of the time when you are sleeping, resting, showering etc.).

Another reason is because the alternative, which is to pay for a Direct Current (DC) charger or Alternating Current (AC) charger at public charging spots will often times be more expensive than charging at home. In fact, multiple companies have also warned of the potential lower lifespan of EV batteries that constantly use DC chargers.


Who To Install?

Now that you understand the need for home EV chargers, the next natural question would be on who is best to install the EV charger once you are in possession of the EV charger. Given the hazard risks associated with electrical systems and the fact that EV chargers draw an amount of electricity larger than most normal appliances, we always recommend that the installer be a professional installer who is ST (Suruhanjaya Tenaga) certified and also an authorized installer for the brand. This will also help with any warranty purposes if a malfunction with the charger does occur. In our opinion safety should never be compromised for cost, so we do not recommend going with any random electrician or company who do not have the above certificates and qualifications. We list out a few options below:


1. EV Connection (EVC)

As one of the pioneers of EV Charging in Malaysia, EVC was the very first company to launch a DC charger on highways in Malaysia. It was also the first to receive a ST certificate and was the first company to successfully deploy Tesla Superchargers in Malaysia. Their home charging division is equally impressive, being authorized installers for multiple renowned automotive brands such as Tesla, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Chery, MG, Nissan to name a few. Installation prices start from RM1,999 and you can schedule a site visit via this link. Users who reside in high-rise buildings can also contact them via this link and they will be able to try sorting out a solution with your building management.

2. Gentari

Established in 2022, Gentari is the clean energy arm of oil giant PETRONAS. One of it’s main focus areas is on the Green Mobility sector, and to that end they have focused on installing home EV Chargers to ensure a seamless experience for all EV users. They have been aggressively rolling out chargers, and you will be able to find out more infromation from their website and / or Gentari Go App. 

More About EV Connection

As the leading EV Charger company in Malaysia, EVC is one of the very few companies with an integrated EV charger portfolio spanning supply, installation, operation, maintenance and R&D. It provides a one stop solution for commercial clients interested in implementing EV solutions into their business and have also served thousands of homeowners looking to install EV chargers at their houses / offices. It also also operates JomCharge one of the largest charging networks in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

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