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Power Up Your Parking Convert Your Space into an EV Charging Bay!

Power Up Your Parking

Convert Your Space into an EV Charging with JOMCHARGE!

Is your unused parking space wasting potential? 

Turn it into a valuable asset with EVC!

We offer easy and affordable installation of EV charging stations, bringing convenience to EV drivers and income to you. 


– Earn passive income from charging fees.

– Attract EV drivers and boost property value.

– Support the eco-friendly future of transportation.

– Get a FREE quote today! 

Customised EV Charging Solution

Charging infrastructures and plans will be tailored to fulfil your business’ needs and capacity. EV Connection has collaborated with major corporations to promote EV adoption and construct a more complete public infrastructure across the nation.

Our Partners

A Seamless Electrification

We manage the entire electrification process — from initial planning to ongoing maintenance, handled by a team of experienced industry experts and electrical engineers.

The benefits will even be extended to your stakeholders who are able to access one of the largest charging networks in Malaysia via JomCharge.


Attracts more traffic and customers to your business location

Increases your business property value for going green.

Additional stream to generate revenue through charging infrastructure.

Industry-Specific Charging Solution



Parks & RnR

Entertainment Centres




Shopping Complex


Government Offices

Build Your Own Charging Network

We provide top notch solar PV solutions for both residential and commercial purposes.

For EV Fleets

Does your organisation own an EV fleet in the logistics or transportation sector? We advise and execute EV charging facility plans based on your fleet’s scale and premise capacity, from start to finish.

Zero Capital Expenditure (CapEx) Projects

EV Connection invests 100% of the upfront costs to design and install new JomCharge charging stations at your business premise, as well as maintenance and upkeep costs. No penny is required for your business to kickstart its green mobility journey.

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