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The EVC AC EV Charger is a fully configurable Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station, designed for convenient AC Charging in both your homes and your businesses.  It is widely considered as one of the most versatile all-rounder AC Chargers in the market, suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.

Fully customizable to fit almost any purpose, the EVC AC EV Charger is ideal for all your EV charging requirements.

We offer a choice of either the Single Phase 7kW Charging Station or the Three Phase 22kW Charging Station. You can choose to install the Charging Station on the wall or on the floor (An optional pedestal is also available).

Please select the charging station that best suits your EV. If you’re not sure which one is the best for you, feel free to contact us for more information.


Home Is Where Your Charger Is

  • Makes home EV charging quick, reliable, and future proof
  • No need to consider detours or to check fuel prices anymore
  • Just drive home, plug in, and relax

Fully Configurable

  • Can be configured and customised to fit your various EV charging needs
  • Can be used for personal home charging or commercialised for your professional business

Superior Load Management Functions

  • Provides dynamic load tracking in single-use or multiple-use situations
  • With integrated smart load management, the EVC AC EV Charger can offer more room for your EV Charging, whether it be at your home, business, or housing complex

User-friendly interface

  • Equipped with LED lights to display the current EV charging status
  • Dedicated JomCharge App allows users to have more control on their EV charging status and be kept updated within the convenience of their phone


Nominal Voltage:230VAC
Power Supply:Single Phase / Three Phase
Output Power:Up to 22kW AC for three-phase and up to 7.4kW for single-phase
Charging Mode:Mode 3
Type of Socket Output:Type 2 with shutter
Output intensity:32A
Current load limitation:Yes
Electrical Protection:Built-in Residual Current Sensing module of 6mA
Status of the terminal:Charging Status Light Strips


Dimension / Aspect

Length (cm):31.5
Height (cm):46
Depth (cm):13.5
Weight (kg):5
Shock Resistance Index:IK10


Technical Agreement

Plug & Socket Standard:IEC 62196
Charging Units Standard:NO

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