A List Of Charging App Every Electric Vehicle (EV) Owner In Malaysia Should Have & Download

List Of Charging Apps Every EV Owner In Malaysia Should Have


The number of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Malaysia is growing day by day. You have many different models from the more traditional players such as BMW, Kia, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Mini and Volvo. In more recent times, there also have been an influx of newer companies such as Tesla, BYD, Chery & MG entering. The government’s initiatives and tax incentives specifically on EVs have further spurred the growth of this industry in Malaysia.


Which Apps To Download?

If you own an Electric Vehicle (EV) in Malaysia, then it is very likely you will require access to public chargers at some point. For those who do not have access to home charging, public chargers will be the go-to places, whereas for the majority who have home charging facilities, public charging is still a necessity when you are travelling long distance. Most of these public EV chargers still rely on apps to activate them, and coupled with the fact that a lot of these apps can be useful in planning your journey and suggesting to you where you need to stop – this begs the questions, with so many apps out there, which ones should we download?

1. JomCharge

One of the largest Charge Point Operators (CPOs) in Malaysia, JomCharge has roaming agreements with most of the big players in Malaysia including Gentari & chargEV. What this means is with one single app, you are able to access chargers from all the other CPOs in Malaysia. Almost 70% of all EV chargers in Malaysia are available from the JomCharge app. In fact, you can even us this app to locate and pay for EV chargers in neighbouring Singapore & Thailand.

With its in-app map, it’s easy to locate a charging station and the app will take you there via Google Maps or Waze. It also has a QR scan function synced up to your card of choice and lets you know which station down to the socket is occupied for your convenience.

JomCharge also offers the AutoCharge feature, which is a feature no other charging apps in Malaysia has. Do double check if your model supports such a feature, but simply by plugging your car into a JomCharge charger, the charger automatically detects your unique vehicle ID and starts the charging process without the need to be scanning QR codes or tapping RFID cards. Think of it a bit like how Teslas function at Tesla Superchargers, but only this feature is avaialble to more makes and models. You are then automatically charged on the backend based on how much you charged.

2. PlugShare

PlugShare is a community based app, think of it as a FourSquare for EV chargers. Users can contribute locations of EV chargers, the type of charger, how many are available, and report whether a charger is working or faulty so that other users don’t need to waste time travelling to it.

This makes PlugShare more versatile as it consolidates chargers from all providers into a single super app. However, the main downside with this app is that you cannot use it to pay or activate EV charging, it is simply an app to locate EV chargers. You will still need to use apps such as JomCharge to pay for your EV charging.

3. A Better Route Planner (ABRP)

A Better Route Planner (ABRP) is a free trip-planning, EV charging station app that works just like Google Maps available on IOS and Android. The amount of user-friendly customization allows personalized input based on your vehicle’s make and model even down to your battery charge. 

How it works is if you leave your home with an 86% charge on a Tesla Model 3, the app would estimate you will arrive at your destination with a 67% battery capacity. This will be beneficial to plan for your trip. It also provides real-time information about rates and charger availability to let you plan your trip efficiently. This app also does not allow you to pay for EV Charging.

More About EV Connection

As the leading EV Charger company in Malaysia, EVC is one of the very few companies with an integrated EV charger portfolio spanning supply, installation, operation, maintenance and R&D. It provides a one stop solution for commercial clients interested in implementing EV solutions into their business and have also served thousands of homeowners looking to install EV chargers at their houses / offices. It also also operates JomCharge, one of the largest charging networks in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

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