EV Charging In Malaysia – Different Types Of EV Chargers​ Available

EV Charging In Malaysia – Different Types Of EV Chargers


If you own an Electric Vehicle (EV) in Malaysia, or you are interested in getting one, then it is probably a good idea to understand the different types of EV chargers available. Generally speaking, EV Chargers can be divided into two main groups – Alternating Current (AC) chargers Direct Current (DC) chargers.


AC Chargers

AC Chargers are what you would typically call slow charging. There are two types of AC Chargers, Level 1 and Level 2 chargers. 

1. Level 1 Charger

Level 1 EV chargers are simply the power chord charger that is usually given for free when you purchase an EV car. It’s a simple charger that is compatible with a 3 pin wall outlet in your house to start charging your car since it only requires a single phase, AC configuration.

Due to its low charging output, these Level 1 chargers are more common for PHEV cars, or EV cars that you use only for short-distance traveling/weekend cars that you use occasionally. It normally takes more than 15 hours to fully charge a car with this, so owners would normally keep the charger inside the car as an emergency backup, just in case they couldn’t find any charging spot for their car but they managed to access a common three pin plug socket. An example can be found here. No installation is needed for this type of charger.

A Level 1 Charger – notice how one end connects to a typical 3 pin socket, and the other end connects to your EV.

2. Level 2 Charger

Level 2 chargers are the type of ‘box’ chargers installed on walls / beams, often times called Wallboxes or Wall Connectors too. The magic that happens within the charging box allows an average charging time of 4-8 hours, which is much better than the Level 1 Charger since you can plug your car in when you arrive home and have it fully charged the next day before you head out. For those who are driving an EV as a daily-driven car, it is recommended to have a level 2 charger installed at your home for your own convenience. These are also sometimes installed in public charging areas where people typically spend more time, e.g. hotels, cinemas etc. Check out some examples of wallboxes here.

You will need to hire a specialist third-party installer to help you do the installation as it will involve wiring to ensure the safety of the home circuit. Going with an authorized installer is absolutely recommended as most of the times the EV Chargers that come with the EV (E.g. Tesla Wallboxes) will have their warranties voided if they are not installed by authorized installers. For example, EV Connection are authorized installers for Tesla, Chery Wallboxes etc so installation with them will ensure the wallbox warranty from the carmaker is not voided. You can arrange for a free site visit so a quote can be provided using the button below.

A Level 1 2 AC Charger – these types of chargers are the most commonly used and require certified specialists to install them at home.


DC Chargers

Now that you have fully understood the different types of AC Chargers, the other kind of charger is what we call DC Chargers. These kind of chargers take around 15-30 minutes to charge your EV and are thus the preferred option for public spaces when the EV user is in a rush or has time constraints, e.g. at a highway resthouse.

It is much more powerful than Level 2 chargers as it uses direct current (DC), thus why you would not find anyone installing it at their home. A Level 3 charger installation itself would cost more than the EV car! 

DC Chargers – these types of chargers can recharge an EV the fastest and are normally found alongside highways, at petrol kiosks etc.


More About EV Connection

As the leading EV Charger company in Malaysia, EVC is one of the very few companies with an integrated EV charger portfolio spanning supply, installation, operation, maintenance and R&D. It provides a one stop solution for commercial clients interested in implementing EV solutions into their business and have also served thousands of homeowners looking to install EV chargers at their houses / offices. It also also operates JomCharge, one of the largest charging networks in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

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