Understanding Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

There are two types of PV solar systems: – The Grid-tied PV system, and The Stand-alone PV system. EV Connection provides top quality services handled by our certified and competent team to satisfy our customer’s demand. Furthermore, our services do not stop after installation, we will also provide after-sales support such as maintenances and troubleshooting.

Grid-Tied PV System

The Grid-Tied PV System is the most common for residential applications because it is the cheapest solution compared to the Stand-alone system. A normal Grid-Tied PV does not have any storage for electricity produced but instead, it is directly connected to the grid. If you generate more energy than what you are using at home, you can use the extra electricity and sell it to the grid. This is called Net Energy Metering (NEM). This will allow the solar homeowners to get rebates/credits from the government when adding their generated electricity to the grid.

You can also add storage to your Grid-Tied System. The storage acts as backup power when there is an outage and can be used to power critical loads. In addition, the storage can be charged with electricity coming from the grid and also from the solar arrays. Storage is also capable to discharge electricity to the grid (NEM).

Stand-Alone PV System

The purpose of having a Stand-Alone PV system is to make it operational without the supply of electricity from the grid. It is also sized to correspond with certain AC or DC loads or both. It is considered expensive to other PV systems. One of the reasons Stand-Alone PV System is preferred in isolated areas/islands is because it has no access to connect to the power line.

How it Works

Light particles from the sun (photons) strikes the solar panels installed on your roof. Thus, charging the electron in the solar cells to Direct Current (DC). The current will flow through an inverter that is used to convert Direct Current, (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) which is applicable to work with most appliances in your home, e.g TV, Computers, Lights. Excess electricity produced by the PV panels is fed to the electric grid (NEM) or to charge the battery (storage).


Generate your own electricity with an affordable custom-designed solar system that fits your needs.

Benefits of Using Residential Solar

Low maintenance – There are no moving parts in the PV system which makes it easy to take care and can last up to 30 years.

Short Payback Period – Solar system technology is getting cheaper than ever and it will pay for itself within 5-8 years

Tax Incentive – You will be applicable to receive up to 48% of Tax Incentives when installing the solar system.


Power your organisation with solar within your budget and be installed on scheduled with the highest quality.

Benefits of using Commercial Solar

Reduce utility bills – When the solar system starts to operate, you start saving up your electricity.

Increase your property value – As mentioned, using solar could save a lot of your utility bills, thus reducing your operating costs. This would attract more buyers that are willing to pay for self-efficient energy property.

Public relations – seeing the company is implementing cleaner cutting-edge technology shows innovation and commitment to the community.

Simple Steps to Solar


We will connect you to our competent specialist engineers from EV Connections to design your custom solar system. Firstly, our team will be required to do a site visit at the property to perform electrical health check to make sure it will support the new system. The work required to assess the property includes examining the condition of the roof to support the solar panels, checking the status of the property’s main switchboard, possible inverter’s positioning, and possible cable routing.


After passing the first step. Our team will manage the installation process from the beginning to completion. Your system will be finished in the given period with the product of a first-rate system with the best quality.

Energise the system

Activate your system and you immediately save electricity cost without delay!

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