EV Charging


Many EV owners reside in condominiums or apartments, so EV charging is increasingly becoming a basic necessity for these high-rise buildings. This may well be a deciding factor for potential buyers or new tenants when deciding on which condominium to go for. From a management perspective, the presence of EV chargers also creates an ancillary revenue stream, especially with the exponential increase in number of EV owners. If you are a resident and would us to get in touch with your management to set EV chargers up for you, feel free to utilize the same link below!

Extra Facility

Offer this as an extra facility to current owners, potential buyers & tenants

Extra Revenue

Potential ancillary revenue for condominium / apartment management

Sustainable Intitiatives

Make your building greener by reducing carbon emissions

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Zero Capex Programme

Start setting up EV chargers in your condominium / apartment today with zero capex.

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